Because of the pandemic, the center was shut down. Little did the stakeholders know that what seemed to be the end would actually be the start of yet another amazing chapter in the life of this center spanning more than two decades of serving its community. It all started with two parents fervently and persistently asking the center’s owner to re-open its services online. And just like that, the center together with the help of all five tutors came up with an online system and held its first/trial phase online sessions in June of 2020. It has been four years of continuously navigating the online system and mode of tutoring mathematics to students in need of such noble service. With the launch of this website comes both a challenge and direction for the center in fulfilling the purpose upon which it stands.

ILMOL - I Love Math Online

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Online Founding Tutors (UPLB)

Miks Gabarda
BS Civil Engineering
Ryan Espina
BS Applied Mathematics

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Wilson Quindao
BS Math and Science Teaching Major in Math

1-11x14 0008 DSC_6947 HERNANDEZ LEUZ JOHN 11X14 FRAME (1)
Leuz Hernandez
BS Agricultural Business Management
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Carlo Garcia
BS Math and Science Teaching Major in Math

Current Tutors (UPLB)

Screenshot (3809)
Franz Napa
BS Mathematics

Screenshot (3843)

Carl Santos

BS Chemical Engineering
Screenshot (3808)
Basti Gonzalez
BS Applied Mathematics
Screenshot (3810)
Gayle Sia
BS Chemical Engineering
Screenshot (3844)

Wilson Quindao

BS Math and Science Teaching
Tal Granzore
BS Chemical Engineering
Screenshot (3811)
Gwen Solomon
BS Chemical Engineering


Edrian Gonzales
Assistant Professor II

BS Mathematics, UPLB

MS Math Education, PLM

Math Professor- City College of Calamba


Tin Cabuslay
Licensed Professional Teacher

BS Biology, UPLB

Education units, UPLB

MM Bus. Mgt. units, UPLB

Math Program Center Director (1999-Present)
School Integrator (1999-2007)

Assistant Principal- LSEF (2006)

College Instructor- LSEF (2005)

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