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"Filipino students ranked lowest among 58 countries in an international assessment for mathematics and science for Grade 4 students, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2019 (TIMSS) uncovered"                -,

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UP Tutors
Tutors are mostly undergraduate students, all from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños taking up math/ math-related courses
Customizable Programs
Tailored to learner’s needs and client requests/
Sequential / Progressive

Step-by-step process
to develop mastery and confidence

Varied Problem Cases

Modules include are different problem
types that are identified through years of individual tutoring experiences

Up-to-date Modules and Approaches

Continuous revisions and updating

Original Fun Modules

The Adventures of ___, Pre-Algebra, Letters Vs. Numbers (Introductory Algebra), etc.

Visual Aids and Worksheets
Enhances retention; serve as reviewing tools 
Prizes, Medal, Certificate

Medals - upon completion of set
ILM Modules

More Reviews

Counterchecking nila kanina. I was soo happy. We prayed for a good result, at binigay nman ni Lord. In our prayer, we also thanked Him for u, for sharing ur gift of making math easy for d kids. Thank u for always being there to help my kids’ math problems.😊

Grade 3 MSMSI Calamba 

Grade 3
MSMSI Calamba

Hi teacher. She scored 99 in QFE. Big Thanks! 

Grade 2 MSMSI Los Banos 

yeheyyyy happy ang nanay heheh

3rd quarter po 93 nakuha

tapos ito monthly exam nila

fourth po 99 po nkuha…thank u
happy xempre ako heheh

Grade 2 St. Benilde Calamba

Grade 2
St. Benilde Calamba 

Yung math ko from 82 to 93

Grade 8
Canossa Calamba 

Salamat po..nakuha na po pala nila comcard nila kahapon.. Maganda naman po ang outcome..

*achiever bronze 90 ang average ang math po nya eh 89.

*average po eh 90 at ang math po niya eh 93.

Grades 5 & 8
Letran Calamba 

fyi naka 85 ngyn 2nd quarter sa math galing sa 81 kaya nasa top5 sya. si naman 84 from 82 😊

Grades 6
South Hill Los Banos

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