The Integrated Learning on Mathematics Center

Because of the pandemic, the center was shut down. Little did the stakeholders know that what seemed to be the end would actually be the start of yet another amazing chapter in the life of the center spanning more than two decades of serving its community. It all started with two parents asking, no wait, begging the center’s owner to re-open its services online.

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The Integrated Learning on Mathematics Center was officially formed in 2008 following its eight-year franchise operation of a Chinese math program which started in 1999. As certain concerns and learning needs in the field of mathematics education unfolded, various modules and approaches in teaching math to elementary and high school students began to be developed prompting the center to diversify into customizable curricular offerings. It is now a community-based organization which aims to serve its specific community that include not just its clientele but also student-tutors of UPLB. 


UP Tutors
Customizable Programs
Sequential / Progressive
Varied Problem Cases
Up-to-date Modules and Approaches



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Appreciate Math
Learning Math can be fun!

Foundation Building

With the great advancement in information technology and the school curriculum, math foundation is compromised. Students know so much but can apply so little. 

1st place district mtap
There's so much potential that can be enhanced through regular training and practice!


Preparing for what is yet to come provides great advantages. 

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Appropriate Techniques/ Individualized Instruction
Not all techniques are good across all kinds of learners. Learning styles and abilities vary.

Skills Development (Analysis/ Critical Thinking)

Not mere memory. For the most part, learning Math entails making use of the child's analytical side which starts with an understanding of the fundamentals.

Math program you can trust

Our children’s future may depend on several factors, but it will essentially start with YOU.
Let us all work together by equipping our future leaders with the RIGHT learning tools.

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Super nakatulong po🙏 Mas confident na daw sila sa lessons🥰

Grades 9 & 11
PSHS Main Campus

-Thorough and clear with explanations.
-Flexible and adaptable to areas that I want to learn and improve in.
-Solid lessons overall where I'm able to consolidate my own learning.

Grade 11 OLMC Sydney

Ang bilis po nya eh. Identified nya agad yung common multiple sa lahat ng given. Kakatuwa. May hirit pa sya na easy lang daw, may techniques daw sya pero mahirap daw explain sakin. 😁Basta enjoy po sya no problem.

Grade 5 MSMSI Calamba

Share ko lang din sa inyo. Para sa inyo
din po ito. Salamat po sa help nyo sa kanila sa Math. Si ate with high honors. si (bunso) po Principal’s award.

Grades 8 & 11 UPRHS & Calamba Science

nagaadjust pa pero mukha nman nageenjoy

flexible din si tr sa kanya tanong ko lang po sana pwede magbigay ng gift kay tutor? ...ipapa lalamove ko yung gift

Grade 3 PPS Dubai

thank you po. teacher is very patient
nagenjoy po. magaling si teacher magturo mabilis naiintindihan.

Grade 2 NCBA Cubao

regarding the sessions po, okay naman po
siya. maganda po na 2hrs every week para sakto lang po hehe hindi po masyado
matagal and hindi rin naman po masyado mabilis. it's good po for the students'
schedules. regarding the tutor naman po, knowledgeable naman po sa
topics and  explains the lessons well naman po and is eager po talaga na
maturuan ako. thank you po! 

Grades 12 UPRHS 

today my math teacher came up to me and
she said i did really good on my extension work in my booklet and then told me
she would give me harder and more extension work, she also said i should really
consider taking standard math in year 11  

Grade 9 NCPAHS Sydney

I think in general she enjoyed the sessions judging from her kwento when I ask her on how her online class went 😀 thankful that we had this chance and it was a great help also to get her ready for school this year.

Grade 6 Pateros Catholic School

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